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Beach safety
Requested and Answered by Mike on 17-Aug-2009 09:17 (3878 reads)
Do not swim in the ocean, these flags fly during dangerous conditions.

Stay 300 feet from all fishing piers while in the water.

Flotation Devices are NOT a substitution for swimming ability.
Strong breezes and tide changes can cause dangerous drifting
Be careful around surfers.

Inexperienced swimmers should stay in wading deep water in the vicinity of a lifeguard.
Be careful of dangerous rip currents and sudden drop offs.

Keep an eye on your children at all times!!

Do not swim alone.

Choose a beach with lifeguards on duty.
When in trouble, signal a lifeguard by shouting "Help!".
Swinging your arms in a violent motion will tire you out quickly, it is better to conserve your energy and call for help.

Be aware of rip currents in the area you are swimming.
Rip currents have a noticable difference in water color, a gap in the breaking waves and foam or other objects moving steadily out to sea.

If caught in a rip current, DON'T PANIC!
Swim parallel to the shore until you are clear of the current. If you can't break free of the rip current, let it take you out beyond the breakers. Then swim diagnolly toward shore. Never try to swim against the current!

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